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Command-Q Warning

Please be advised that pressing Command-Q will cause d20Pro to exit immediately without saving state.  Please exit d20Pro by clicking the red X button to close the main window.  This power shortcut will be better supported in the future.

Note: the Judge may save game state at any time by pressing F2 or using the button in Judge's Options.

How to configure Java

You will need to configure your Java Preferences to use Java 6 in order to run d20Pro. 

In the Java application versions, move Java SE 6 so that it is at the top of the list.

If you do not have a Java SE 6 option, please run a Software Update and try again.

How to Run d20Pro from the command line

Get and unpack it to your desktop:

Run the Terminal program located in Applications - Utilities:

Once in the terminal type the following commands below:
  1. cd desktop
  2. cd d20Pro
  3. java -Xmx384m -jar d20Pro.dat

After a few moments d20Pro will launch:

A full fledged Mac installer is coming later this summer. 

Additional Details

d20Pro will run on your Mac if you are updated to the latest version of Java.  The steps below guide you through the process of determining which Java is preferred by your Mac and how to modify that setting.

First determine what version of Java is preferred by your Mac:
  • Open Finder and browse to the Applications folder.
  • Go into Utilities folder and double-click on Terminal
  • Type java -version in the command line and hit enter/return.
  • If you see java version "1.6.0_07" you are ready to run d20Pro.
  • Do so by browsing to the d20Pro folder and typing java -jar d20pro.dat
  • If the version is not a match please continue to the steps below.

Follow these instructions to change which Java is preferred:
  • Open Finder and browse to the Applications folder.
  • Go into Utilities folder and then the Java folder.
  • Now double-click on Java Preferences.
  • In the General tab you'll see which Java application version is preferred.
  • Drag Java SE 6 to the top of the list
  • If this choice is not available please run a Software Update.
  • Once the preferred version is updated please return to the steps above to verify the change with java -version
Simulate a "Right-Click" by holding down the 'option' (alt) key.