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Interface Overview

Floating Icons

d20pro's General User Interface (GUI) is designed to be as clean as possible, while allowing the users to customize the windows and content they wish to see.  There are only a few icons that are present on the screen at all times.  These include the Game Icons and the Combat Icons.

Game Icons

These are next to the Start menu icon.  From Left to Right, they are:
  • Broadcast (F5) - Judge Only:  This broadcasts map and status changes to the players.  Combat and movement are automatically broadcast to players, but map changes are not.  This allows the Judge to control when maps are shown to players.
  • Free/Combat Mode - Judge Only:  This allows the Judge to toggle between Free and Combat mode.
  • Show/Hide Global Rolls - Judge Only:  Toggles whether or not ALL rolls are visible or invisible to players - event their own rolls.  This is useful for when players need to make Listen or Spot checks.  To hide only NPC rolls, see the Options Window.
  • Ruler:  Allows players and Judges to quickly measure distances between squares
  • Toggle Grid:  Allows players and Judges to show or hide the grid overlay.

Combat Icons

Combat icons appear only when you are in combat.  If you are a player, the icons are greyed out if it is not currently your turn.  They are (from right to left):

  • End Turn:  This ends the current creature's turn, moving on to the next in initiative.
  • Ready:  This ends the current creature's turn and announces a Ready state into the Game Log
  • Delay:  This ends the current creature's turn and announces a Delay state into the Game Log
  • Charge:  This special command announces a Charge emote into the Game Log and also applies an effect onto the creature:  +2 to hit and -2 to AC for 1 round.

Mousing Around

It's important that you become familiar with how to move about in d20pro.  We will go over map basics and creature selection & movement.

Map Pan & Zoom

To move a map around, hold right-click on the map and hold the button down as you move your mouse in the direction you wish to pan the map.  To zoom in and out, use the wheel on the mouse or use the + and - keys on your keyboard.

Select & Move Creatures

Selecting creatures is as simple as clicking on them.  To move them around, you need to have Ownership (see Creature States).  For more information on moving and dealing with creatures as a player, see Creature Basics.