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Keyboard Commands

As of v2.1, the available keyboard shortcuts, or hot keys, are listed below.

* Denotes for use in Judge Client ONLY

Note to Mac users: The ALT keys do not presently work.  Please excuse the inconvenience and use the context menus instead.  This will be corrected shortly.
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CommandKeystrokeDescriptionMenu Locations
CommandKeystrokeDescriptionMenu Locations
Attack Selected creature makes and attack Right click on creature 
Broadcast Map* F5 Refreshes the map display for all clients Broadcast icon (floating game icons) 
Clone* Makes a duplicate of selected creatue(s) Right click on creature 
Damage* Damages selected creature(s) Right click on creature 
Destroy* [Delete] Key Destroys selecteed creature(s) Right click on creature 
Effect* Applies an effect to selected creature(s) Right click on creature 
End Combat* ALT + C Ends Combat Combat Icon (floating game icons) 
Enlarge* Increases the selected creature's size and space by 1 category Right click on creature 
Enter Combat* <none> Begins combat and initiative. There is currently no keystroke mapped. Explore Icon (floating game icons) 
Enter Inititative* I (as in Initiative) Places selected creature(s) into initiative order Right click on creature 
Fortitude Save Selected creature makes fortitude save Right click on creature 
Go Now* Forces the selected creature to top of initiative order Right click on creature 
Heal* Heales selected creature(s) Right click on creature 
Hide . (period) Selected creature makes a Hide check Right click on creature 
Leave Initiative* ALT - I (as in Initiative) Removes selected creature(s) from the inititative order Right click on creature 
Move Silently , (comma) Selected creature makes a Move Silently check Right click on creature 
Owner* O (letter) Changes the ownership of selected creature(s) Right click on creature 
Pick up Item Selected creature picks up adjacent item Right click on creature 
Quick Attack Repeats most recent attack made by creature Right click on creature 
Quick Save* F2 Saves your current session (includes map, creatures in play, init order, effects, etc) Options Menu 
Reduce* Reduces the selected creature's size and space by one category Right click on creature 
Reflex Save Selected creature makes a Reflex save Right click on creature 
Skill Opens creature's Skill list Right click on creature 
Spell Opens creature's Spell list Right click on creature 
Synchronize View* F3 Forces player clients to view what GM is viewing Options Window 
Talk Opens a window with in-character dialogue options (tracked in Game Log window) Right click on creature 
Toggle Fog of War ALT - M Allows Judge to look past the FoW None 
Toggle Grid ALT + G Toggles grid on and off the map Grid Icon (floating game icons) 
Toggle Templates* ALT + T Toggles display of templates over units Tools Menu 
Tumble Selected creature makes a Tumble check Right click on creature 
View or Edit Opens a creature's character sheet Right click on creature 
Visibility* Cycles through 3 Visibility stages (visible, invisible, & dynamic( Right click on creature 
Will Save Selected creature makes a Will save Right click on creature 
Showing 33 items