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Start Menu

The d20pro Start menu is activated by clicking on the d20pro Logo icon at the top right of your screen.  The menu a link to this online manual, open maps, and several menu items that open floating windows.

Open Maps

All open maps are listed at the top of the menu.  Only Judges can see these, and they can switch from map to map by selecting them.  Judges can close a map by clicking the small X on the map's tab. When closing a map, the Judge will be prompted to save the map (saving changes) or discard that copy of it.  Discarding a map does not damage any in the library.

Judge Windows

The following windows appear only to Judges.
  • Active Effects:  Shows any current effects on creatures.  Detailed in Effects.
  • Decision:  Any and all decisions to be made (attack, special ability, spell, etc) will be populated here for the GM to see and make a decision as to what the outcome of the action is.
  • Library:  See Libraries & Content
  • ToolsSee Tools

Common Windows

All other windows in the Start menu are used by Players and Judges.  Click the links below for a full description of each.