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FYI - This is still a work in progress!

Spellcasters are a unique breed inside of d20Pro.  Our spell system is very complex and very useful, however, it is slightly cumbersome and has a greater learning curve.  Hopefully we can cast light for you in the dark corner...

Choosing Spell List:

Casting Spells:

 In order to cast a spell, you must either right click on the desired character and choose spell or use the keyboard shortcut 'S' key (recommended way).

This will open a decision window with the chosen characters spell list.  Use the arrows to scroll between spell levels.  Either click on spell and choose OR double click on the desired spell.

NOTE - If all you want to do is "burn" the spell from your spell list, just click the twice and you are done.  However, if you would like to get a little deeper into the system, please keep reading.

In this example, we are using the spell Bull's Strength.  The next step is to click in the effect window .  This will open up a new window where the spell's information can be entered and ultimately saved for future use.

This is the spell system.  Below will be a more complex look at each tab in this window.  For now, Bull's Strength remains the example.  The character (Davion Lightbringer) casting the spell is a 5th level cleric.  First we are going to add the bonus to STR.  Next, the duration needs to be changed to one minute per level.  Click on the arrow next to "instant" in the lower area of the window.  Choose minutes then adjust the 10 in the window to the left accordingly, 5 in this case. 

Click on the save button (upper left) and enter "Bull's Strength" into the window.


The cast spell window returns with the 'effect' aspect filled out.  Finally, click on "click to target" and choose who is to be affected by the spell.

The two mini windows below, which can be opened by double clicking on the desired character, show the difference of before and after the spell is cast.  In this case, the minotaur's strength is increased.  There is also a 'gleam' icon in the upper left corner of the character's image any time an effect / spell is cast and that character is a target of the effect / spell.  Clicking on the "Effects" tab will look like the picture all the way to the right.  The software will automatically calculate any changes to attacks, skills, etc.

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