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The creature library is where the Judge stores creature templates in a table for future use.  At the top of the window is a search box that dynamically searches for words or fragments.  Creatures can be sorted by clicking on the table headers:  Name or Module.

Library & Spawned Instances

Creatures in the library can used to spawn copies (or "instances") on a map by clicking on the arrow to the right of the creature name.  Spawned instances of creatures do not affect the master in the library, so if you want to make permanent changes to a creature, either change the master in the library or edit an instance and then Save it to the library (Right Click, Location, Save Creature).


  • Create button creates a new creature called Unknown in the My Creatures module.  If you have any filters on, d20pro will prompt you to clear them to see the new creature. 
  • Import allows you to bring in any creatures that you have previously exported.  Clicking this button will open up a window that allows you to browse to where the exported creature is stored.
  • Export saves your creature to a .d20p_ctr file into your d20pro\user\portable folder.  This file can be sent to another d20Pro user so that they can import it.
  • Copy & delete - created a copy or deletes a creature from the library.

Edit Creature Tabs