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This library allows you to store and manage handouts for players.  You can add files by URL or by uploading directly to d20pro.  Currently supported files include JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDFs, and hyperlinks.  Handouts are perfect for clues, notes, and scenes that you want to share with your group.  Handouts are temporary and do not permanently reside on the players' computers.  This allows you full control over their accessibility and allows you to temporarily share even copyrighted files with players.  You can revoke access at any time.


You can share these files in your library to players by clicking on the Share icon and selecting which players you want to have access to the files.


When you click on the View icon, or when the Judge shares a file with you, d20pro will open a file viewer window.  Image files are displayed immediately, while PDFs and Hyperlinks will display an icon for you to click on.

Revoking Rights
A Judge can revoke access to any handout at any time by deselecting players in the Sharing list.