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Fog of War

The Fog of War pane allows you to hide or reveal portions of the map to the players.   Fog of war hides parts of the map that you don't want the players to see.  It is NOT dynamic or affected by any light sources creatures may carry.  The GM manually controls fog of war by "painting" or "erasing" the black layer.

The Cursor Size box allows you adjust the size of the brush to speed up the process when you want to reveal or hide larger portions of the map. 


You toggle between hiding or showing map tiles with the Hide and Show buttons. The Hide All and Show All buttons let you apply the appropriate action to the entire map at one time.

Creature Visibility

Creatures have their visibility set to Dynamic by default, which means their visibility is governed by the Fog of War.  See the example to the right.  Creatures with dynamic visibility are invisible while in the fog of war and visible when out.