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Tile Painter

The Tile Painter allows you to paint imported images (tile by tile) onto your map. You can add custom images to the tile library by using the "Import Image" button at the bottom of this pane or, to import many images at once, you can copy the image files into your d20pro\judge\campaign\____\res\FLR directory. You can create folders withing the FLR directory to better organize these resources. Your custom images may be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format, and should be square for best results. They can be any size, but would be ideally no more than 200 x 200 pixels. See our Tips & Tricks section for recommended software or techniques for preparing image files.

Click and drag the cursor to paint multiple tiles. Holding down the CTRL button while clicking on the map will select the color or texture of the tile you clicked on. This is similar to the eyedropper tool on various graphic programs. Holding the SHIFT key while clicking will fill the area with the color or texture that you have selected.