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Creating Characters

One of the first things you will want to do is get your characters into d20pro.  Currently, creating and editing of creatures is something that only a GM or Judge license has access to.  Once your character has been entered into d20pro, updating it is pretty easy.

If you are a player, you have a few options:
  1. Upgrade your license to a Judge licence
  2. Use a trial judge license
  3. Use your GM's computer to enter the information or let your GM enter the character
  4. Use a Hero Labs (3.5 D&D) or WOTC's Character Builder (4E) to edit and maintain your characters.  d20pro fully supports their character file types!  You can give your GM the exported files from these programs and he/she can import them into d20pro in just seconds.

Creating a Character in d20pro

  1. To create a character, open the Creature Library and click New.  A creature called Unknown will be created.
  2. Double-click Unknown's picture to open it.
  3. Choose your character portrait and fill out each tab on the character sheet.
    1. Character Sheet basic overview
    2. Detailed Information on editing creatures
    3. If you are creating a 4E character, see our 4th Edition Survival Guide for important file replacements and guidance
  4. Once you have your character entered, click the green check button to save it into the library
  5. Select the character and click the Export button.  Your character will be saved to your d20pro\user\portable folder. 
  6. You can now upload the character during play or email the file to your GM ahead of game time.

Importing From Another Application

  1. Create your character in the application.  We currently support Hero Labs and WOTC's 4E Character Builder
  2. Save your character (WotC) or Export it to a d20pro file (Hero Labs).
  3. Send your file to your GM (on disk, email attachment, etc).
  4. The GM should then open the Creature Library in d20pro and click Import
  5. He/she then navigates to your character file and double-clicks it.
  6. Your character will now show up in the GM's library.



This is a player-only tool but is most applicable to installations with BOTH a player and judge license.  It allows players to upload creatures to the Judge for approval.  Creatures to be uploaded must first be created and exported from a Judge client - player clients cannot create or manage creatures at this time.

Once exported, the creature is stored in a .d20_ctr file in the d20pro\user\portable folder.   When logged in as a Player, clicking on the Upload Creature button will show a list of all creatures in the folder.

At this point in time, Player-only clients cannot produce creatures so they must obtain these files from other users with a Judge license.  Files can be copied & pasted into a player's folder for upload.  This is a known limitation and we are working on producing a character editor that is accessible to users with Player-only licenses.